ZID News

News and important informations are announced parallelly here:

  1. the moderated Usenet Newsgroup "tu-graz.zid.announce"
  2. at our RSS-Feed
  3. via Mailinglist of ZID
  4. at twitter,
  5. webpage at http://today.tugraz.at/news/announce.shtml

and sometimes by, too:

  1. IMAP folder announce
  2. login window of TUGRAZonline
  3. email to all "IT officers" of TU Graz.
The phishing attempts have been documented on a separate page since April 2012, explicitly warning only against very good "phishers".

Why don't we send emails to all?

Mostly for 2 reasons:

  1. most of these channels can be read without a working account of TUGRAZonline. So if there is a problem concerning TUGRAZonline we have to use one of these channels and in case of email troubles, too.
  2. most of these informations are 1:many - alarms IRL are also done by radio, TV or sirens and not by a phone call.